"Life breaks all of us, and those who survive are stronger in the broken places." - Hemingway

We are all wounded people, whether we know it or not, wounded by this inhumane world we grow up in, these unnatural contortions we are forced into by this unnatural environment. If I am in this group it is because I have acknowledeged that I hurt, and I seek to heal myself, and others. If another in this group has hurt I wager it is because he is not fully in touch with his own pain. So now you have yet another person you can heal with your humor and your passion.

I too have wondered once or twice where entheogens came into your posts, but I have concluded that they actually come *out* of your writings, that your messages are in themselves crystal drops of psychedelic, expressions of an awake heart which cannot fail to awaken others, mine for sure. You have my thanks, and my love across the chasm of generations.

- from a Visionaries posting

The American language is rich in these sayings: "talk is cheap", "put up or shut up", "actions speak louder than words", "put your money where your mouth is". But I prefer "walk the walk". Words are a language, the movement of the body a different one. It's the concreteness of the image, its very physicality, the way it projects flesh and blood and bone, our all too fragile bodies, out into a mythic landscape. Ideas are impulses of energy that push the body, that impel the body forward along its risky path. The music is about a conscious human being out in the world, about choices you have to make and that you are free to make. These are the meanings that interested me here. If you let yourself go, if you permit yourself to dream your dreams, if you follow out the implications of what you think and feel and see around you, then you better be ready for the consequences.

Robert Kramer