(in fact with camera) saw the rhythm of life... something like that,
while camping on the tip of Cabo San Lucas for ahout a week in 1971.
and at the time there was no one, nothing as far as one could see...
except of course the ocean and the beach and the sky and the clouds

the surf would swell.... you know the 7th wave...49th etc but it would, in the midst, become very calm. the sand would settle back from the clouds in the swirl and the water would become clear in the area defined by the craggy rock ledges. the sandy bottom clear and quiet, all the different fish would freely swim about with one another. big ones, little ones, all the different species together. then gradually the sea would build again. and the water would once again become murkier. the fish would gather in different areas according to 'family'. the process was subtle, gradual. but finally when the water was white with foam and rough and tumultuous you could actually hear the jaws of the leaping fish snapping at one another. eating one another. and then slowly the turbulent waters would subside, revealing the process again.... the fish now all venturing out of the groupings and calmly, gently swimming about. as though nothing had happened..... and then the cycle would continue