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i am sending along what i believe to be one more example of the fraudulent and criminal nature of much of this corporate scam we live in. (still no charges against enron. and the insider-trading brokerages are just paying fines. no jail? in fact the president and vice-president are textbook examples of criminal corporate crime given their histories at harkin and halliburton)

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earthlink swallowed up my local provider some months ago and there have been some bizarre incidents already but this is extreme. i noticed recently in the small print that was sent to me that i would have to terminate a service that my credit card would be billed for if i didn't take action..... action? i hadn't signed up for the service and i don't want the service. they tell me they are sorry for the inconvenience and all but they can't remove me from the billing. my inconvenience? i assume that they are not only inconveniencing millions of people they are charging people's credit cards more millions for a service many don't even know they are receiving or for that matter don't even want. (the correspondence is below... as are the responses from some friends that i turned to in the face of this dilemma)

i sincerely hope that you may do what you can to stop this sort of thing... i am sure that earthlink didn't think this up... (more like harvard business school i am afraid) that you can bring this to not only the perpetrators of this vile practice but to let people know that they don't have to be told to do this and that in order not to be billed by some greedy corporate scam.

now.... there are two other things of perhaps equal urgency. though government bodies claim that everything is in order. the FTC says that there's really no spam because such notes include some sort of disclaimer... well, that hardly does the trick. and even more or a problem is cyber security... though the recent report recommended that the private sector would deal with that. endless viruses. the IP's should be required to filter them out. why do they just forward them along... so that end users can go out and spend 100$US (or more) to protect their own computer.... and help the the computer industry make millions... it's crazy... that's what...

thank you for your time and energy (specially if you've gotten this far)
perhaps there's some way that something can be done about this "marketing technique"

hoping for the best...
(and all this without even mentioning war)

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