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so began (above) a rather bizarre and disheartening series of communications.
the diffrent dimensions of the contact can be found at:

a note to those who might be concerned

the trail of e-mails from earthlink

thoughts of the situation

after quite sometime, i received a phone call from earthlink, out of the blue. they said that they were just calling to monitor service and just wanted to know how things were going. well, that certainly provided a an opportunity to speak to someone... a real person... on the phone. wow. to make the story short, after some hemming and hawing, denying that such a thing could happen... they finally got back to me and said that they had discovered that somehow, accidentally, they had mailed out about 150 e-mails... like the one i had received. they had realized their mistake and corrected the problem.... yeah right... and said that if i wasn't satisfied they wouold give me their legal department's phone number.



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