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Contact the credit card company and tell them there's some fraud happening. ask them to contact the cops who watch this stuff.

The interaction is truly a "1984" scenario. First, I would call the 800 listed toward the bottom of this communication. I think you can cancel the service there through a live person. Next, I would call your credit card co and block payment to this "service." Third, I would send this to your local newspaper. Someone there would have a ball with it.

ohmygod, that would be hilarious if it weren't so creepy!
well said! let's hope someone listens....

CAPITALISM. This is America, fortunately still not everywhere, and still not everywhere in America. Glad to see you are fighting it.

Maybe you should give them the web site of your lawyer and tell them they will be sued unless they go to that web site and pay your lawyer a nuisance fee of $1,000 which is also the amount of the retainer fee you had to put out. Or apologize to you and all other cutomers that have notified in this way. I would show it to a judge somewhere, too. It's like saying, we have signed you up for a video telephone service, which service we will charge you for. If you do not want this service, call this number to cancel. This number will be busy most of the time, so you will have to sit there for up to one and one half hours trying it. This kind of thing bugs the shit out of me. And most other people, I suspect. Check the Civil Liberties Union locally, too. Call your congresspeople. Check with the Better Business Bureau. Check with your state's consumer protection agency. There are people who can tell you how to stop these jerks in their tracks. My first suggestion ought to get their attention, though. The prospect that it will COST them to fuck with you. Amen! Go git 'em, and keep me posted.

oh this is rich
I mean, don't you want to keep going back and forth with them like this? You have the logical position (didn't order it, don't want it, still don't want it, will never want it). But they are bots, they can only respond this way. But eventually a real human will send a different email message, perhaps with an apology or, more likely, a curt message that your account has been terminated. But you have to stay the course. This could go on for years. It's the war of man vs. machine. You owe it to the rest of us to do

only thing I can suggest is that you unplug all your electronic equipment, withdraw all funds from bank accounts, and head up to the woods in the northeast Kingdom and raise pigs. good luck.

Wow, That's a prose poem of despair! I remember going through shit with earthlink to cancel. Unfucking believable! Scuzzbucket company, sleazeball marketing. Fuck'em all!!!

HELP, I can't make head nor tail of it. That kind of thing makes me feel crazy.

thanx for leavening a gray, rainy day...i chuckled aloud here in the's the stuff of memorable screenplay scenes... what to do? what comes to mind: either to do what they ask or beat'em up about it... clearly the latter is do-able...e.g. via your time and effort...

its a marketing technique, they offer you full audio, some sort of music thing free for a month and automatically sign you up for their monthly service thereafter unless you cancel it

I was in dispute with Earthlink for over 6 months last year. They were sold my credit card info without my permission, set up an email account for me, and started billing. When I tried calling, a was on hold for over 45 minutes. - Citibank (my credit card company) agreed with every one of my disputed charges - I finally called the Attorney General's office in Connecticut, and was told that "opt-out" is illegal in Connecticut, and that in any event, being on hold for 45 minutes on the telephone (while being subjected to ads about the company) does not count as a reasonable option for clarifying things. Bascially, they can only legally (in Connecticut) offer opt-in. Armed with this information, I finally called and stayed on telephone to get to a real person.

Dear Valued Friend, You will continue to get e-mails from us until that time when you contact our discontinuous continuity office through their website the specific address of which is listed in the fine print of the original electronic contract you were sent when we offered you the free no-obligation advantage of our electronic mail service. Your credit card will be charged monthly in greater increments for the first twenty-four months, after which time we will only charge you the minimum monthly fee of $500 for our service, which will continue perpetually until the time of your passing or the limit of your personal credit resources. Thank you for your patience, cooperation, and support. Why wait? Pay EarthLink now.

I think you should send this to the Vermont Attorney General for starters. Outrageous. But it also works as literature. Brilliant.


perhaps a mention of the public service board or attorney general might help them understand your position? Maybe mention of fraud? unauthorized charges? invasion of privacy? especially since you did nothing to ask for this service. Its seems fine if you actually WANTED it, but the automatic charge thing is particularly uncrupulous. Fullaudio appears to be a legitimate music subscription service out there. This particular case makes it look like they(earthlink) are subscriber-stuffing so that fullaudio will look better and their stock will go up. I think that it's pretty interesting. first, there are these huge ads in the New york times with major recording artists stating that "downloading music from napster is like shoplifting a CD in a store" -- yet at the same time, the music industry with the help of earthlink is literally reaching into your pocket and stealing YOUR money! ahh!!

I went thru a similiar thing with verisign trying to move my domain name to other servers.Everytime I called to try to move it, I was told I could get the premium service for $19.99 and they would move my domain in 48 hours otherwise I would have to fax move info and wait 5 business days. After about 6 weeks and faxing the same info 3x, I got so mad I told the poor phone operator that this was extortion and they finally moved my domain. How about moving to another web host?


go john: i like what you're doing. shaw

can I forward this to the consumer fraud reporter? you should report this to better business bureau website.
and attorney general in vermont. also fcc. John Stasil at ABC 20/20. it is outrageous

I loved the idea about sending them, in fine print, a message that you are charging them automatically for lawyer fees unless they contact your lawyer at such-and-such website by a specified date, etc.... I currently have the exact same issue with a company that sent me a book I never ordered.. then sent me a bill...they offered that I could return the book and they wouldn't charge me, but that's bullshit...I never ordered the book, but now it's my responsibility to take the time and send it back so I don't get charged...It's a brilliant marketing
scam, because a large percentage of people will go ahead and just pay the charge to get it over with...Hey, $10-20 over several million people.......not bad..... They've now sent me to a collection agency, and I've written back (1) demanding evidence that I ever ordered this book, (2) telling them that as long as they "threaten" me legal action I will never send the book back, (3) if they don't come up with the evidence (which doesn't exist), that I'll go to the State Attorney General to investigate them for fraud... We'll see what happens...It would be easiest to just send the stupid book back, but this kind of marketing really pisses me totally
depends on people just not wanting to be bothered about it........

Awful. The kind of crap that eats up your life. Vt. Attorney's General Office; cancel with your credit card co.; tell our senators and Bernie; newspaper also a good idea. All of which, I understand, eats up more of
your time.

this is a new breed of creature that no longer comprehends things in the old-fashioned way. gone is logic. it is all about enslaving us to machines because this new breed can no longer reason for themselves

Horror! I am forwarding this to my server,, to tell them I hope they NEVER do such a thing as this. They are not 24-hour service, but when they are there, a person answers the phone and they have been very helpful to cyberchanllenged me. I guess the problems start when your server is sold to a megalith of some kind. Actually, I had the same kinds of problems with Dell after I bought my computer in January of this year. HOurs spent in voice mail hell, and then when you get someone they say: this is the wrong department for that problem, and you go back into voice mail Purgatory. But I thought Earthlink was an "alternative" alternative... The only thing I can think of is: Sue for punitive damages and change your server to a local outfit.

I dunno!

To file a complaint you must go back to our website at
and click on file a complaint, fill out the form and submit it. Complaint
processing can take up to 8 weeks.
"Kim Hall, BBB Metro Atlanta" <>

Yet another suggestion:
Find out the name of one of their executives. Call him at home about 3 AM and explain you'd like your service canceled immediately. If it isn't, you explain, you'll continue to call him at this time every night until it is.

preposterous! I hate it! and it looks like you've been very polite... some thoughts -
cancel earthlink i know it's a drag, but many people over this way have changed to greem mt. access - they see to have a good dsl rate too it you are interested - you should be able to get it at a good rate as you are a champlain valley telecom your credit card vendor and tell them not to pay - you never ordered ... contact consumer assistance program - 656-3183 at UVM ... good luck!

I just wanna ralph. It is really getting dark out there

a similar thing has happened to me -- i just saw a charge i did not recognize on my visa card. when i contacted the card company, they said that they had to close my account and issue a new card with a new number. it took me about 6 weeks to adjust my automated transfers etc. from the old to the new number which was also a lot of work. BTW it turned out that the charge i questioned was legit, except that companies exist under various names and they don't reveal all their identities to the consumer.


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