The summer of 1959 returning to Paris after a trip to Florence, Sienna and Venice. Fernand the chauffeur took the picture.


One of the best known portraits of Barbara Hutton taken by the famous photographer George Hoyningen-Huene in a sari wearing Queen Amelie of Portugal's marvellous ruby necklace.


At a party in Paris before a masked ball in the fall of 1958. Barbara is wearing the great emerald necklace that first belonged to Catherine the Great of Russia and later to Edith Rockefeller McCormick. It was the most important historical necklace she owned except for her famous pearl necklace that Queen Marie Antoinette inherited from Anne of Austria. Unfortunately, she gave the emeralds to her seventh husband and he sold them separtely.


Barbara Hutton at one of her parties at Sidi Hosni, her house in Tangier, Morocco circa 1968 wearing the ruby necklace which had belonged to the Queen of Portugal transformed into a tiarra and two strings of the largest yellow cultured pearls she bought in Japan in 1959.


and some photographs that jimmy took in japan in the '60's

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