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seems talking about getting together
really should address the differences
between gore and nader (amongst others)
no matter who gets elected
because that's the only way
this gridlock (call it what you will)
is going to be relaxed
this sore will heal
that this history can be absolved



is it possible
the idea of involving students
part of their education
part of the budget for education
(a required course for graduation)
the maintenance of polling
providing some relationship to
"those old guys that came out to settle the argument
between the young ones that didn't deserve to be president"
(above from cnn chatroom)
providing the voters
with a better understanding of democracy
we would be making democracy
the centerpiece, the very heart
of our society


GOOD NEWS 17nov00

republicans and democrats
working together
on the recount (manually)
under the sunshine law


"Its authenticity is, apparently, unquestionable.
I wish some national newspapers followed up on it.
The date is 1992, i.e., 8 years after GW went sober. "- pierre



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