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excerpts from right wing chat-room:

Stanford--she is the provost
sits on the board of Chevron
in annual reports for the last 10 years now
up to her hips in oil
Republican's Aunt Jemima

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To: Peach

I am told that Ms. Rice sits on the board of Chevron? She is most likely back at Stanford--she is the provost or some other high ranking job out there. It will be difficult to get her to go after Creepy Albert if she is up to her hips in oil business. Button Somebody needs to chase Albert Gore Jr. down as the hypocrite that he is. He refuses to answer any questions about Occidental. Read How the Gores, Father and Son, Helped Their Patron Occidental Petroleum by Charles Lewis

8 Posted on 09/20/2000 05:28:35 PDT by oldironsides

To: oldironsides

She does indeed. She has been in my annual reports for the last 10 years now. That means Condy knows a little about the oil business. While Americans are suffering from the effects of 37 USD/bbl oil and 2 bucks at the pump, maybe it wouldnt hurt to have someone who has that understanding.

To: rvoitier

Unfortunately, Dubya missed his chance to really "turn her loose on Gore" but not picking her as veep.

To: Captain Kirk

Man, could you just imagine her taking on Lieberman during a debate? She'd eat him alive...and I'd love to hear that racist jerk Jesse Jackson call her the "Republican's Aunt Jemima" (sp?) or something like that...surprisingly, I can't find any Rice fan web'd think someone would have made one after her performance at the GOP convention...