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settles 190million$US discrimination suit

act of god
gov bush(2) hopes focus this saturday will be on the FSU-Florida game (there's that football game again)

nader has really forced us to take a closer look at our environment(culture and all). even though kharris worked for IBM some years ago and the voting machines were made by IBM, it certainly doesn't seem the CIA was involved in this bay of bushes. even though the bushes are CIA. the USmap of types of voting machines was a picture of free enterprise. and we zoom in on palm beach. micro. part of metropolis. part of the more advanced shapes of venture capital. kharris pressing for the 2010 olympics. who's gonna win. win the sponsorships. and people who don't want to live in the police state of khuges. and uniforms. nader actually speard out the corporations' choice of who was acceptable and lets them fight it out. (stock market is pleased with grid-lock, apparently) and this country is split down the middle for very good reasons. and alas, the divisions have become sharper

the gwb appearance didn't seem too relaxed
someone said, "frozen in front of the headllights!"
(they took the band-aid off when the download was complete?)
and he's still sequestered at his 'ranch'


Hi John,
An M-16 is fully automatic and you would have to go though a 6 month FBI background check to see if they would allow you to own one. Then you would have to find a class 3 firearms dealer and see if he could find one. If he did it would probably cost about $10,000. Maybe you should just try to get an AR-15. If Bush is elected at least you would still be able to get one if you pass the Instant Background check. If Gore's elected only criminals will have firearms
Hope you're good too! Bob