why is it that the intelligent, i mean, intelligence folks are for bush?
what is it? why is it.... (hey, or maybe not.
i would assume there's a liberal wing to the 'company')

but let's look at it simply
you got bush and buchanan
and gore and nader
add that one up
but only half the country even bothers to vote
why is that?
dumb was it....
or smart
well, add it all up and what do ya got

oh heard recently that the electoral vote was put together
in the first place
to give the southern states
some measure of equality
with the non-slave owners.
you know, down south
the slaves couldn't vote.
the white folks would be under-represented

the inclination at this point to simply grab the crown
seems a serious mistake

ah intelligence folk
is it true that bush (father) got into the oil business
looking after the off-shore oil wells
as they were CIA freeports (where the drugs came in)?
then finally a stint as director
then jeb.... is it true that he headed 'illegal' contra operations
in miami?
now what else he did down there, i have no idea (college? other work? interests?)
i would assume that the 'agency' has spent some time with 'ballots'
perhaps research.... well, you might call it that.

not to try and win a rant
i'll stop here
(but i wanta keep trying to put these pieces together)

now, though, we can get back to the HARVARD-YALE game

(anybody want to invest in Louis XVI?)

harvard-yale... i'm talking gore-bush
scores.... fight, fight, win, win....
and i would guess that
the elite, rich, liberal, Democrats on the east coast
are out numbered by those on the west coast at this point
(though i don't have the numbers)
but then again
aren't there almost exactly the same number of
the elite, rich, conservative, Republicans
(doesn't bush have impeccable east coast credentials)
they both represent the same thing....
isn't that the problem
you know,
the harvard-yale game mentality.
(the idea of going to a football game at this point
i find repellent.... whoever, wherever)

we are in the middle of this game
whether we like it or not.
and i don't think reverse snobbery
is a way to deal with it....
it's the same game
and seems to have put us exactly where we are right now....

throw out 20,000 votes
and then use the same ballot 2, 4 years later
(was that the ballot that elected jeb?)
and then just say tough....
like if you misspell missouri, or whatever
there's no point reading on?
winning is what it's all about?
no..... and we've lived with that frame of mind for so long
we in trouble now.
it has allowed us to lose sight of important
and serious choices that lie ahead

we ought to try to create a uniforn system of voting for the nation
if it's a national vote we're talking about.
(and we done with slavery)
and if there are questions....
do everything thing we can to solve problems
patiently and thoroughly.
(daley corruption is no excuse for anything....
specially now)

most accurate count possible now
no excuses

if there were elections in this country
today between just bush and gore....
who'd be elected?
(yes.... i understand the demands of the electoral college ....
remnants of the stars and bars and all)
awkward indeed

my impression is that a republican dominated board has called for the continued count down in florida.
let's get it right... correct
as best we can

i understand the CIA question is complicated
(the deep role it plays in our major institutions)
but perhaps you saw recently the information
regarding the agency's role in promoting
abstract-impressionism in the '50's in order
to shift the cultural domination from europe



was someone talking compassion?

does Bush trust the people(hand count) or the government(machines)?



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