Cheney Cashes in on Halliburton

July 26 2000

Cheney sold 100,000 shares of stock in Halliburton last month for an estimated $5.1 million, according to documents he filed with the government. Cheney held options before the sale on 229,000 shares.

Halliburton spokesman said it is not unusual for our executives to exercise their stock options. He managed to cash in nicely on the recent rise in oil prices. He was exercising some prudent profit taking.

A lot of executives are taking money off the table.

excerpted from article by Tom Raum - AP

America's electric utilities are participating in voluntary programs that protect the environment in cost-effective ways without the added burden of increased government regulation. America's electric utility industry agreed to voluntarily reduce greenhouse gas emissions (either through emissions reductions, avoidance or sequestration) by over 170 million metric tons in the year 2000.

2000 Americans for Balanced Energy Choices


At BP we are committed to making a positive contribution to a cleaner environment. Cities are where air quality problems are most acute. We are therefore making cleaner fuels available to cities which have serious air quality problems.

Atlanta has been designated a 'serious' ozone non-attainment area by the Federal Environmental Protection Agency. In the Atlanta Metropolitan region there are over 3 million registered vehicles. This and the population density in the region results in the nation's highest vehicle miles traveled per day of some 36 miles.

and the reason BP is working to reduce emissions - Sulfur inhibits the effectiveness of the catalytic converter in modern vehicles.