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done in PAINTER 5.0

one of burlington college's 1998 summer courses
Introduction to Computer Graphic
Animation - CIN/HUM230
John Douglas and Josh Joy - 3 credits - Mondays and Wednesdays, 3:00 - 5:45 p.m

the STUDENTS and their WORK

High-powered computers and innovative animation software have brought the world of professional animation into the reach of any new producer. This course will cover the basic techniques. We will use Director 6.0, state of the art software, Photoshop 4.0, and Painter 5.0 for producing 2-D animation. This primer course is designed to introduce students to the limitless potential of contemporary computer graphic animation technology. Students will also learn basic HTML in order to put projects up on the net (useful info). There will be guest animators and screenings and weekly intensive lab time. (fundamental compatibility with windows a must)

Lab Fee: $50.00 - Audit fee same as tuition fee ($900.00) for this course. enrollment limited to 10 people



june 08 monday


finding out what each student brings to the class. what experience and work. and what each is really interested in exploring. screening of a range of CGI work. discussion of the pre-requisite of the net as part of an animation project at this time.


june 10 wednesday

find examples of work at each of the software sites (we will use Director 6.0, Photoshop 4.0, and Painter 5.0 for producing 2-D animation.) work that represents a direction that you wish to explore during the course. and consider "Art in Theory 1900-1990" edited by C.Harrison & P.Wood. other reading will be xeroxed handouts


june 15 monday

brushing up on the basics of Director 6.0. going over moving simple geometeric shapes onto the stage. and animating them in the score channels. simple as that.examining the differences between Director 6.0 onion skinning and Painter 5.0 tracing paper.


june 17 wednesday

Eadweard Muybridge - Father of the Motion Picture. and continue work with Director from the last class. focusing on using the channels for depth, as well using multiple movie loops. and don't forget to sign up for lab time. make sure you've blocked in sufficient time.


june 22 monday

Matt Strauss will show some recent work done in LightWave. and demonstrate some basic concepts in that software. we will also discuss the progress on the shape of the work (ie: the story boards)


june 24 wednesday

continue work on the storyboarded project. with special attention to developing the work in the three layers. and a glimpse of Josh's animation work on 16mm film


june 29 monday

the project continues - plus selected works of Nick Park (claymation) Wallace and Gromit and... Creature Comforts


july 01 wednesday

continue work on individual projects. also will take a look at the process of getting material onto the website


july 06 monday

selected works of the Brothers Quay (mixed media - stop-frame animation)


july 08 wednesday

Anne Barrett (hand-drawn cell animation) will show and speak about her work. both on video and in Director


july 13 monday

James Duesing's recent video "Law of Averages" and his earlier work "Maxwell's Demons" will be shown. with an eye to how much the software can effect an animator's work


july 15 wednesday

( 2-3 frames of work with text providing context. on a floppy due... description of project for the web.) the project is taken another step further. different areas of individual projects will be expanded. and an article on animation from Oxford University Press Film Studies anthology will be handed out in class.


july 20 monday

Kenneth Peck will present: two Czech works (Jan Svankmajer's Darkness, Light, Darkness and Pavel Koutsky's Love At First Sight), two Hungarian (The Fly by Ferenc Rofusz and Csaba Szordo's Rondino), two Polish (Tango by Zbigniew Rybczynski, and Aleksander Sroczynski's Vice Versa) The Estonian selections will be Switch Off The Lights by Pritt Parn and Birthday by Janno Poldna.


july 22 wednesday

David Ehrlich ( frame-by-frame animation on film) Since 1993, David Ehrlich has taught Animation (Film Studies 35) every Spring. Animated films by Dartmouth students have been screened at film festivals in the United States and abroad, receiving honors and recognition, and other prizes.


july 27 monday

Alan Waxenberg from INTERGRAPH fresh from SIGGRAPH'98 will speak and show video of latest work


july 29 wednesday


review the projects on the web. and a bar-b-q dinner out in charlotte after class. and some members of the Film Dept Faculty will also join us


animation1 there are two 3D pieces from the 3Dcafe, a piece by David Ehrlich, and a Muybridge tiger


a wiggling 3D woman and a 2D tri-harmony form. and fractal animation


Muybridge and a sampling from the web. individual artists as well as art sites

more links / resources

some SQUIGGLES done in Painter
and the
DIGITAL page in artvt

animated .gif's