somehow i had the great good fortune to have been standing out front of "TheFiveSpot" actually talking with Thelonious Monk the evening that the Class of '61 was being welcomed by the President. after a taste of GSD and a "candid" (that was his word) conversation with Finley, i was drafted out of SFFA at BU and Museum School into the USArmy in November 1961 (US51462570 - MOS:64210 - 5 ton (tractor-trailer)
returned MedEvac, (Craftshop Instructor) from France on crutches to Leary on the cover of TIME, the East-West Institute (Macrobiotics and Fulton '61) and made Sung pottery and ate rice for some years.

Moved to Vermont'65 (Putney) - to get back to the earth and Mississippi '66 (made a movie "Strike City" - families thrown off the plantation set up tents on the White House lawn -w/Griffin'61). taught 4Ddesign at WindhamCollege and began working with NEWSREEL in NYC'67. numerous films through the following years. "Summer68" detailed organizing across the country leading up to the Chicago Convention. and LSD. in 1969 went to the DRV (with Kramer/Fruchter also of Newsreel) and made "PeoplesWar". a film, from Hanoi to the DMZ, examining the struggle of the Vietnamese for independence and freedom.

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