returned to VT to a collective organizing against the war. raided by the FBI. son Leaf born (his mom - Robin). worked (film "To Our Common Victory") organizing MayDay'71 WashingtonDC demonstration. FBI picked me up at the bus station and drove me home. went packing into Glacier National Park (followed by, well, they said they had been in Vietnam,too) and 21days into the icefields of St.Elias range, Yukon. returned to VT and looked after the small Leaf and worked with Vietnamese and VideoGraph in Montreal. in '73 set about making "Milestones" with Robert Kramer. it was a three and a half hour feature about '60's radicals finding themselves in the '70's. "...a must see..." NYTimes. we were in Cannes
when the last of US was choppered out of Siagon.

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