spent the next ten years in NYC working with Third World Newsreel and on various films, with PrairieFire, teaching at Empire State, MCC (Metropolitan Correctional Center). with the Conference on National Priorities, two films in Grenada right after the 1979 Revolution. a film("LaLogan") looking at the murals and the battle of the Chicano community in SanDiego against, well, the then Mayor, Pete Wilson.

and then, "GRENADA: TheFutureComingTowardsUs" a one hour documentary film looking at the history leading up to the Invasion. the Bishop government's attempt to transform a small colonial island into an independent and progressive nation in the face of overwhelming US force. it was to have premiered OCT'83 in NYC the day MauriceBishop and many of his government were killed.

i returned to VT (after LatinAmericanFilmFestival in Cuba ) to be with my son as he entered the highschool years and began again to build a place to live. APR'84 i was in Stockholm with Marianne (so pregnant she couldn't fly back when film production ran over schedule) when our daughter Maya was born.

after twenty years of film-making i began to look into the digital revolution. and have been up here in the forest by the lake since. working on/in SGI / Softimage, coming to terms with Art and Buddhism, taught at UVM, worked in Paris at MicroVideo, while editing a film with Robert Kramer for some months, having computer animation included on numerous softwareCo.s demoreels. winning AT&T's computer graphic/animation award'92. work presented at various festivals. including ISEA'94. turned down big job at ActiVision/UA (WilliamColby's Spy thriller CD-Rom)... an opening for GlobalVision's "Rights and Wrongs" and teaching last year at NYU's ITP (Interactive TeleCommunication Project).

and went with Leaf and Maya, again, into Glacier this summer. still continue to imagine some way of creating images that will somehow lead us to think about, understand the enormous and violent contradictions that we somehow just try ignore. My son is still out in Madison trying to figure out how rocks think (GeoPhysics / Psychology, when he's in college) and my daughter's back in Sweden with her mom right now . . . (nov'95) and as warm as can be with Bobbie . . . (nov'96)

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