SKYHOOK (filmed - 1966) training film (USMC Seal Team / Rescue) for Fulton Co., and OmniVision Inc. (research / experimental work) Danbury, CN

more FRAMES from the film

STRIKE CITY (30 min. B&W- filmed, edited, co-directed - 1967) families near Greenville, Mississippi, that went on strike and were evicted from the plantation on which they had worked, built their own homes, and carried demands for food and housing for themselves and others to the White House lawn.

Blue Ribbon, American Film Festival

BDRG: Boston Draft Resistance Group (20min. filmed - NEWSREEL - 1968) detailing the organizing efforts and actions against the draft and Vietnam War

DIE-CAST GRILLS (15min. filmed, edited, directed - 1968) montage of triple exposed news / daily life following the King / Kennedy asassinations

SUMMER '68 (1hr. filmed, edited, co-directed - NEWSREEL - 1968) a film examining the organizing around the country leading up to and including the Democratic Convention in Chicago

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