frames from the video animation the WHITEHOUSE


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the spirit all A R O U N D the house a few frames O U T S I D E the house S P I R I T S I N S I D E a 1280x1024 frame I N S I D E the house and the S P I R I T S begin to walk and talk
another D I M E N S I O N added the flood in BLACK and WHITE and COLOR some W A T E R & W I N E shots a B&W P A N of the room two .JPEG's as of 2apr98 a few more .JPEG's as of 7apr98
four .JPEG's 19sept98
two .JPEG'S 29sept98

"...we live very simply because of the greed of our ancestors ..." quote from Tararra tribesman (Brazil) 1995

all of the SPIRITS material was done with Softimafe on the Indigo2 Extreme

the HOOD submission