* a CIA program to open mail to or from selected American citizens generated 1.5 million names stored in the Agency's computer bank

* intelligence units within the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) created files on over one million Americans.

* the FBI carried out five hundred thousand investigations of so-called subversives from 1960 to 1974, without a single court conviction

*computers in the National Security Agency (NSA) monitored every cable sent overseas, or received by Americans from 1947 to 1975.

* Army intelligence units conducted investigations against one hundred thousand American citizens during the Vietnam War era

* the CIA engaged in drug experiments (the MK/ULTRA Project) against unsuspecting subjects (two of whom died from side effects)

* at least two foreign leaders were the direct targets of CIA assassination plots (noe successful)

* letters written anonymously by FBI agents were designed to incite violence among blacks

* the FBI CINTELPRO (Counterintelligence Program) targetted civil rights activists and Vietnam War dissidents, disrupting family and friendship ties

* the FBI attempted to blackmail civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr., and encouraged him to commit suicide

* the CIA manipulated elections in democratic regimes (Chile was but one of several)

* the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) allowed tax information to be misused by intelligence agencies for political purposes

* intelligence agencies carried out burgalaries in the homes and offices of suspected "subversives"

* the CIA infiltrated religious, media, and academic organizations.


From page 26, Eceonomic Covert Actions, here some more quotes:

" . . . attempt thrugh secret means to disrupt the economies of the U.S. adversaries. In one instance during Kennedy years -- though evidently without the knowledge of the president -- the CIA tried to spoil Cuban-Soviet relations by lacing sugar bound from Havan to Moscow with an unpalatable, though harmless chemical substance. A Whitehouse aide caught wind of the operation and informed the president. Kennedy rejected the plan and quickly had the 14,125 bags of sugar confiscated before they were shipped to the Soviet Union." Ref. 1.
On the same page 26:
" Another economic operations used by the CIA (and, no doubt -- as with al of these operations -- the KGB) against other countries reportedly have included: counterfeiting foreign currencies; depressing the world price of agricultural products vital to adversaries in the devloping world (especially those with one-crop economies); trying to control the rainfall over enemy terrotory by cloud seeding; preparing parasites for the destruction of foreign crops; contaminating oil supplies (as in North Vietnam during the 1960s); diluting pesticides bound for hostile nations; dynamiting electrical power lines and oil-storage tanks; and mining harbors to discourage commercial shipping (as occurred in Nicaragua during the Reagan years." Ref. 2.

1. Tom Wicker et al., "C.I.A. Operations: A Plot Scuttled," New York Times, April 28, 191966, p.1.
2. Interview of Prof. Johnson with former CIA officials, Washington, DC, October 1980 and July 1984, and Boston,
February 1988; on CIA covert actions in Nicaragua, see Woodward, "The Secret Wars of the CIA,"
pp. 174,276,28,and 430. See also the Washington Post, January 9, 1977, for a claim that the CIA may have been
involved in the spreading of a swine virus in Cuba during 1971.
3. Back Issues of Covert Action Quarterly Magazine, Washington, DC (use Google.com to look for its website).
4. Back issues of Soldier of Fortune Magazine.
5. The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists www.thebulletin.org.
6. Federation of American Scientists www.fas.org.

The above information is just a tip of the iceberg. The big "Question" to ponder and soul searching is: "With all these capabilities on record, what is left there in the COVERT world that our tax dollars provided by law-abiding citizens to these agencies in a "Democratic Society" cannot do or achieve at home or abroad?"

Dear Friends:
As-Salam-o-Aliakum! Unfortunately in this age of 24 hour entertainment, the feelings of most humans have been numbed by subjecting them to VIOLENCE on the TV. Very few people remember thae events of the past forty years involving tremendous transgressions of the Intelligence Community, Three Indepent inquiries were conducted to uncover these horrendous acts in the name of "National Security." These were known as the Rockefeller Commission Report, Senate Intelligence Committe headed by late Senator Frank Church of Idah a.k.a. Church Committee Report, and Congressional Intelligence Committee headed by NY Congressman Otis Pike pr Pike Committee Report.
Here is a summarry of their findings that Professor Loch K. Johnson, described in his book: "America's Secret Power - The CIA in a Democratic Society," page 5, Oxford University Press, New York, NY 1989. The people with conscience must look back and learn lessons from such events to stop the history being repeated and to jeopardize the WORLD PEACE, including our own contry, USA.

Here are the direct quotations from page 5 of the above mentioned book:

Bashir A. Syed
Member: Union of Concerned Scientists


The G8 is an exclusive grouping of the wealthiest advanced industrialized nations - U.S., U.K., Germany, Japan, Italy, France, Canada (otherwise known as the G7) - plus Russia. In the year 2000, the G8 accounted for a net GDP of $21.1 trillion (US$) within a total world GDP of $31.3 trillion, meaning that the G8 controls about 68% of the world's economy (see table below). In contrast, the combined populations of the G8 nations make up less than 14% of the total world population. On the basis of its economic and military strength, the G8 sets a global agenda and advances it via its members and via the various international organizations which they dominate: e.g. the IMF, the World Bank, the G20, the WTO, and so on. The G8 has no general mandate from a more legitimate international institution.