Concert Guitar, always guitar , of Gerald Alfonso, with works of the plastic artist Nelson Domínguez. Presentation of the cassettes of sound of the concerts of Santiago Feliú and Vicente Feliú and Four ways to watch , of the trovadores Milanese Axel, White Diego, Rita of the Prado and Fernando Bécquer. Saturday 30 of January of 1999.
Gerald Alfonso is born in Havana in 1958. One begins like trovador in 1980, under the influence of the New Cuban Song. Their subjects incorporate Caribbean one and Latin American elements music, fundamentally Brazilian. It has made presentations next to Maria Betania, Milanese Pablo, Silvio Rodriguez, Santiago Feliú, Carlos Varela and Thin Frank, among others. It has presented/displayed his music in several countries of Europe and America. Important artists and Cuban groupings have recorded and interpreted their subjects. Its discografía includes Flying towards the moon (1990), the wolves meet (1993), white Diviértete a little (1994) and Sheets (1996). Gerald Alfonso appears in several discográficas productions, anthologies of the New Trova and Cuban music in general. He has made music for several documentary films and.

Guitar, always guitar

For luck of the followers of the New Trova, after the generation of their initiators, many have existed other that have been added to give life him to the poetry sailing between cords. In the decade of the 80, a group of trovadores, a luck of Second Generation within the Trova, is the one that is going to already put new branches and leaves and fruits to the generous tree of this music. Within this big wave the work of the trovador is inserted that today gets to animate to the airs and walls of our colonial patio. The one is Gerald Alfonso that will be to clean guitar from the near scene and the human poetry of its creations. Gerald Alfonso, one of the necessary names for already some years at the time of trovar, has been accumulating in his work in addition to very good textual proposals, an importantxworkxofxfusion. Like creator, Gerald has taken advantage of, next to his citadina and popular root, the ample rythmical possibilities of the fusion Of trip through his songs is possible to discover from a rock or reggae, to rap or simply guaguancó. All that without never leaving the trovadoresca essence to look for, by means of the poetry, the constant cuestionamiento, the glance around that happens through the love; of the man and the society; of the life of right now with all its waters and droughts. For today, he will be Gerald Alfonso next to us, trovador than ever, from the sharpened or tender voice of his six cords and on the voice of his verses. Quedémonos to listen to the gift of this concert that gets late with more guitar than always, for, at least during a song, to calm all the distances or colors which they separate, all the reunited wolves, all the white sheets.

Antonio Lopez Sanchez


Eres nada

Un silencio universal
y la vida se paró, tú pasabas.
El tiempo se recostó
con la espalda en la pared
descansaba y tú andabas.
Así, lentamente llenaste el cielo
descansaba y tú andabas.
Así, lentamente llenaste el cielo
la lluvia humedecía tus cabellos
que me ataban.
Caminamos sobre el mar
sobre hojas de cristal que saltaban.
Nunca supe qué pasó tu beso
se oscureció en mi almohada.
Y hoy, que los días parecen niños corriendo con las manos agarradas
tú no pasas.
Y hoy, que la vida salta desnuda
y grita su existencia encabritada
eres nada.

Gerardo Alfonso



You are nothing

A universal silence
and the life was stopped, you you happened.
The time recostó
with the back in the wall
he rested and you walked.
Thus, slowly you filled the sky
he rested and you walked.
Thus, slowly you filled the sky
rain dampened your hair
that they tied to me.
We walked on the sea
on crystal leaves that jumped.
I never knew what passed your kiss
it was darkened in my pillow.
And today, that the days seems young running with the stingy hands
you do not happen.
And today, that the life jumps undresses

and it shouts his reared existence
you are nothing.

Gerald Alfonso

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