asymmetric war
'human intelligence'


CIA operative speaking of his excitement
arming some afghans
so USSR could suffer
the same defeat as US did in Viet Nam.
no mention of the staggering
destruction and death of a people

the secret police all on camera
blowing their cover?
while getting a 'pep' talk from pres43
now two new TV programs (series)
making CIA as much a part of life
as 'Dallas' or NYPD
or the NFL or the NHL ...
or any of the rest of them
definitely entertainment
and PR
just what was been needed
(they understood that some time ago)
public relations in the midst
of massive intelligence failure.
hard to understand how they are talking
about freezing assets
some many years after they said
that was what they were going to do then

interesting to see
disneyland and hotels
and yes the airlines
near out of business.
but they've been losing money
for sometime
but is it that sector...
that slice of the society
most frightened by the disparities.
the disposable income.
some subconscious fear
of getting what's coming
but what to do... strike out,
shout war and wave the flag

i am surprised
i had thought the machine
would just chug on
not skipping a beat
even though thousands of people
had just been pulverized...
no matter how sad
and painful
that level of violence
(how many in prisons)
it is nothing new even here
in this free country
though not such an amazing slice
of what is being held out.
like the CIA TV programs.
airplanes, skyscrapers.
just think world trade
and all the gold
buried in the basement

and the weapons depots
that bin laden dug under the mountains
for the CIA and the drugs and the drugs

look at the royal families
you'd think that would be enough
like the shah and others before him
departmment of state,
department of fashion
for the dictators.
they all looked the same
so fat then they'd hardly fit
on the pages of LIFE
but that was then and now look
you can't even see them
for walls around
their secret meetings

glaring 90 percent of the people want war
want revenge, want something
that's it... want something
bibles are being given away on TV
but that's about all



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