these prints were done with a Scitex printer with Cactus software in 1993

this print is heavily laminated in transparent plastic that extends beyond the print some 8 to 12 inches and then is rivetted to an aluminium structure of a frame. appearing perhaps more like an animal skin that might be stretched in a similar way. the overall dimensions are 40" x 86"

UNDERNEATH . . . a nostalgia for paint . . .

a frame from 5min. computer animation with Erich Kory on cello. shown at the Walker Art Center as part of ISEA'93. ISEA'93 annual show reel

perhaps it is worth mentioning some of the technical background. all the work was done on a MAC Quadra950 with an 040 . Truevision's NuVista+ . SuperMac's DigitalFilm board . and modelled and animated in AT&T's Topaz 3D . ah, those were the days